Embracing changes – Welcome 2016!

11050165__oThe past year (2015) was amazing and I am extremely grateful that I had so many things to be thankful for. One of them was that I got to live in my dream city – Copenhagen, soon after graduating my masters from Aarhus University in Aarhus. I moved to Copenhagen in January 2015, exactly one year ago. Reason being that I received a job offer at a global shipping company with Danish origins – TORM A/S, at the HQ in Copenhagen. Aside from the steep learning curve (which is never ending), I got to know some truly fantastic people at TORM. For a first time in my life, I was onboard a tanker vessel. I also enrolled in the TORM cross-fit trainings, which leave me sore most of the time, and at edge of tears some of the time, despite all the working out I do on my own, and for the shame of me, being a former athlete myself and having a dad and a boyfriend, who are professional athletes..

During 2015, I was also selected to be part of Scandinavia top talents network – NOVA100. It is the Nordic organization, “recruiting” students and young professionals. The official description is: “A Nova is a person with something extraordinary to offer. To us, this equals a valuable combination of strong academic skills and results (AQ), great social skills and a humble image (EQ) as well as a strong drive, dedication and relevant work experience (BQ).” (http://novadenmark.dk/about-nova/). I feel honored to be part of this network, where I once again have the chance to get to know many talented, ambitious, and inspirational people.

Besides my 25th birthday, the end of the autumn of 2015 also celebrated exactly one year since the time my master thesis partner and I got the top 12 (A) at the master thesis defense and said “goodbye” to Aarhus University after five amazing, but challenging years. The perfect finish of quite a journey! Still feels like an eye-blink ago, yet seems as a lifetime. It´s been one year now since graduation, yet I feel like I had grown up so much, is this crazy? I fear it is most likely just in my head.

The past year was also marked with the finalization of the book that I wrote about personal and professional development, based on life lessons learned during my studying and working abroad over the past six years. I am now at the final stage of editing and in progress of the business plan preparation. One of my top goals for 2016 is to find a publisher and to have the book released and available on a global scale – in both hard copy and eBook format. I hope the book reaches many and inspires a lot of people to go after what they want in life, despite the obstacles.

I also had the chance to travel and visit interesting places during 2015 I had dreamed about for years. Traveling is also part of the exciting agenda of 2016 and I feel truly privileged about having the chance to do it.

I am most grateful, however, for having my family healthy and happy and this is no doubt the most important for me.

Thank you all for being part of the amazing journey that 2015 was, and I hope you will be onboard for what 2016 is about to bring. I know it is already almost the end of January, but I wish you a prosperous year ahead! Let´s hope the best is yet to come.

Love, Misha

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