My Top 10 Cafés in Copenhagen for a Cozy Afternoon

There are amazing coffee places in Copenhagen (at almost every corner). As a coffee and pastries enthusiast, I have of course made sure I researched a great deal of them during the past one year I have lived here in Copenhagen. Therefore, I decided to share some of my most favorite cafes in the city (definitely some of the best too) for a coffee & dessert inspiration. 

Coffee Industry SwedenCoffee Industry Sweden

Location: Fiolstræde 20, 1171 København K

Definitely my most preferred “hyggeligt” café place for chilly, dark winter evenings. Cozy atmosphere, yet full of life – also expect it to be a bit crowded in the evenings during weeks days – seems like everyone in Copenhagen wants to chill out there! It is the perfect place for a meeting with friends, sitting on your own reading book, or working on a project/writing a book. The chat around me, yet the coziness of the café helps me to switch off the world around me and dive into my own.

Great service, delicious cakes, easy to reach location (close by Nørreport station).

My favorite order is café latte and mango cheesecake. The blueberry cake is also amazing, so is the chocolate cake. I know I have a sweet tooth – I like them all!



Location: Coffee chain, variety of locations

Baresso is the first original coffee chain in Denmark and the most popular in the country. Now the Danish cafes can be practically found everywhere in the city. It is the Scandinavian version of Starbucks with a good diversity of hot and cold (coffee) beverages and pastries. In particular, I prefer the Baresso coffee store at Højbro Pladse. It is the one at the heart of the city, and I prefer it, because of the view over the main shopping street Strøget, the fountain (Storkespringvandet) and the Christiansborg castle. It turned out that this is also the place, where Baresso has first opened its doors in Denmark.

I usually order café latte and the rose “kanel” pastry.

Cafe Norden cake CopenhagenCafé Norden

Location: Østergade 61, 1100 København K

Highly preferred place by both locals and tourists to sit outside during the long Danish summer days and enjoy a cold drink, in the midst of the Copenhagen city fuss. Of course,  the place is a bit overpriced (no surprise, tough, given it has probably one of the best locations in Copenhagen). The café offers a diversity of salads, sandwiches, cakes and brunch.

I have tried the “morgenmad” (breakfast), and the cappuccino with strawberry cake.

Royal Smushi Café

Location: Amagertorv 6, 1160 København

If you take a walk through the gate, into the court yard between Royal Copenhagen and George Jensen, you will become part of our fairytale.”

Entering the “court yard” does feel like being in a fairytale. The beautiful, “secret” garden, as it is surrounded by brick buildings, looks like a place from a novel. It also reminds me of the Italian cafes, with their gardens, warm colors, flora and fountains.

The café is authentic in a fascinating way. If you would like to experience the traditional Danish cuisine, this is the right place to be. It is a place for artists and loyal fans of the Danish Royal Copenhagen.

My favorite order is (again) the café latte with a cinnamon roll “kanelsnagle”.

Royal Library Black DiamondRoyal Library “The Black Diamond” café

Location: 1219 Copenhagen

I love the Royal Library! This is partly, because of the exterior design as black polished glass shape with irregular corners (hence the name), partly due to the fantastic waterfront location, and mainly because I have always been fascinated by libraries. When I was a kid, I always dreamed about having my own ballroom and own library! Exactly like the ones in the Disney “Beauty and the Beast”. The café on the ground floor of the Black Diamond is hereby one of my most favorite places in the city – be it for enjoying a sunny day off with friends, or for writing or reading. The atrium is bright and spacious and gives a view over Christianshavn and Island Bygge – indisputably my most favorite spots in the city. Somehow, everything feels right there.

I usually order the black coffee (with milk).

Hotel Chocolat

Location: Østergade 13, 1100 København

Being a chocoholic, of course I couldn’t skip the “Hotel Chocolat” in this list. My friends have recommended this place to me, even before I moved to Copenhagen, and I fell for it immediately. Similarly to Coffee Industry Sweden, the place is rather a winter chocolate and coffee heaven. The aroma in the air cannot leave you neutral, even if you are not a chocolate-lover, so you will end up eating heart-shaped, handmade candies. From a jar. Most people also go there to buy bag of confectionaries as a gift.

My favorite order is the hot chocolate or anything containing white chocolate.

Source: Own


Location:Strandgade 27B, 1401 København K

The café with the view”, as my boyfriend and I refer to it – namely because it is on the top floor of the building, overlooking the harbor. The panoramic view over the city aside, I also like the place for its exhibitions. The café is located at the Danish Architecture Center and it hosts different events, drawings catalogues of various topics, photography competitions and studio exhibitions, among other.

I liked their black coffee and the brunch.

Source: OwnKultorvet 2

Location: Kultorvet 2, 1175 København K

Quite place in the chaos of the city. I love the food there, and the classy, yet cozy atmosphere and good service (and wonderful apple pie).

I loved the Danish apple pie (the one in the glass).


Cafes in Tivoli Haven

Location: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København

Tivoli has many amazing cafes and I am fond of them all. However, two particular places have appealed to my friends and me the most, and these are: Viften and Vaffelbageriet.

Viften is a cozy café/restaurant located at the lake in Tivoli Gardens. They serve some of the best smørrebrød I have ever had (for all non-Danes, these are open sandwiches with variety of vegetables and salmon, among other ingredients). I love the place during sunset, which in the summer could mean at kl. 22. I always relate the place to “Hallmark”– it just feels magical. My favorite order is Irish coffee with apple pie.

cafe in tivoli

Vaffelbageriet, on the other hand, is at the opposite end of the Tivoli Garden. It is a must-go place with a very cute vintage style. The design looks like a doll house and an English café/tea traditional bakery. When my boyfriend and I go there, we always try the dagenskage (cake of the day).



Sokkelund Cafe & Brasserie and Coffee Box

Location: Smallegade 36, 2000 Frederiksberg

Both cafes are located a heart-beat away from one of the best parks in Copenhagen – The Frederiksberg Garden.  And only 10 min walk from where I live.

While Sokkelund Café is more of a “luxurious” place to go for lunch or dinner (or afternoon stack), Coffee Box is a lovely “coffee-to-go” coffee shop, which is very conveniently and purposely placed at the corner, given that the garden is next door.

My favorite order is the coffee-to-go to the park.

Source: OwnAnd the Bonus: Nyhavn 

Location: Nyhavn, 1051 København

The Nyhavn street with its colorful buildings and crowded cafes is a trademark of Copenhagen and a “must see” for all visitors of the Danish capital. By taking a stroll on the street you can relish the picturesque settings, as well as enjoy a view of the harbour and the canals. One of the houses was once a home to Hans Christian Andersen too.

Thank you all for following my updates! Have I missed a fantastic café in Copenhagen? Your ideas will be my inspiration for the next new café-hunting experience; do not hesitate to share them.


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