My Week in Mumbai, India


In the midst of the grey Danish winter in February, a business trip led me to a sunny, 30+ degrees tropical Mumbai for a week! It was my first time in India and in Asia in general, and even though the majority of the time we were at the office, thanks to my wonderful colleagues, I had a chance to see and experience a lot from the city too. It was a busy and overwhelming week, filled with (work aside) meeting great people, palm trees, some traffic, some serious jet lag and a lot of colorful experiences.

Here are brief highlights from the trip in pictures.

I had no idea what clothes to bring, in order to match the “classy, yet modern, yet blending, yet office acceptable, and outside temperature suitable” needs, so of course I packed as if I am going to stay in Mumbai for a month. I think I brought fewer cloths with me when I moved to study in Denmark. And, of course, I forgot to bring the most important – a power plug adapter! Who knew..

My colleagues and I traveled with Lufthansa Boeing 747 on an eight hours flight. I watched Winnie the Pooh in a desperate attempt to fall asleep (it didn’t work).


We stayed in the beautiful Leela hotel, only five minutes walking distance from our TORM Shipping India office! Fantastic atmosphere and great surroundings!

Leela Hotel

Art exhibition Mumbai


The TORM Shipping Reception and the view.

TORM Shipping

During my stay, I tried different Indian food at the canteen and as I knew I would not remember the name of any of it, my colleagues wrote me a list with all we have eaten 😀 Among other, my list includes: chapatti (the very delicious, pancake-looking traditional Indian bread), the crispy papad (the one on the picture that appears to be chips) and gulab jamun (on the RH picture), which by the look of it, I was convinced was a fruit, but turned out to be a milk-solids dessert.

Indian Food

We took a trip to the Phoenix mall (one of the largest in India), where I had a tour de saris and now I am proud to say I am saree varieties-per-occasions educated (but I still have no idea how to drape it).

Phoenix Mall Mumbai

On our way to the old city, we drove via the Bandra-Worli Sea bridge, which links the West suburbs with the South Mumbai. The skyline was breath-taking!  



Thanks to our driver, we did not miss to spot the University of Mumbai, the castle-looking Central station (picture below), the Art Institute, the Head Policy office, and more. We also drove through the different housing estates and suburbs.


Our journey in South Mumbai started of course with the famous waterfront Gateway of India, which has been built by the British rule and marks the “beginning of the city”. Beautiful monument overlooking the harbor! After enjoying the sunset and taking enough selfies for a gallery exhibition, we walked the city center and along the local market and shopping streets. Now I know what wanderlust really means!!

Gateway of India


After several hours of driving and walking, we took sightseeing & shopping break at Leopold, which is the oldest café in Mumbai. The café is also unfortunately famous with the tragic attacks in Mumbai of 2008, as we found out, being one of the attacked locations.


The lights of Mumbai along the Marine Drive – also called the “Queen’s Necklace” (due to the C-shape) road.


The next evening, my colleagues had organized a cricket game (I had no idea what cricket was, sounded like something from Alice in Wonderland), which is the national sport in India and resembles baseball. The game took place on the roof of a mall in the Western part of Mumbai, and the transportation (including crossing the street in Mumbai crazy traffic!) was a whole new adventure, as we traveled by metro and by the local rickshaw (!).


My colleagues were all so enthusiastic and passionate about the cricket game, which made it a looot of fun!!

Cricket Game Mumbai TORM

I tried a stunning traditional saree, which the wonderful girls at work draped around me (…honestly, it may seem easy, but it is a special art to do it).


On our last night in Mumbai, we went for a trip to several shopping centers (for gifts!), one of them being the R-city, and also to the Hiranandani Business Park estate, where we had local food and a great last evening out.

Shopping Mumbai R city



Thank you for reading about my experience in Mumbai! I am looking forward to my next journey in the culture-rich India! There is yet so much to see and experience..


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