What My 2 + Years of Long Distance Relationship Taught Me About Love

_MG_7230I was inspired to write this post in light of the international day of Love, which we celebrated recently – Saint Valentine.

Love has many forms, but I will focus particularly on the feeling of love to your partner and soul mate. What is that?

I found the answer when I was 17, a senior in high school, and crazy in love for real for the first time in my life. We fell for one another immediately and could not stay away from each other. Yet, several months after meeting Him, I left my hometown and homeland and I moved to Denmark, in order to pursue my higher education at Aarhus University. Of course, that also meant that I left behind everything I loved until that moment in time, including my first love. By miles we were far from each other, but not by thoughts and heart. We spent two years apart, and we were doing everything in our power to see each other as often as possible. The story had a happy “ending” – against the odds and what everybody believed (we are too young, what do we know about love, long distance relationship is impossible etc), we moved in together in Aarhus. And if that was even possible, after coping with the distance, I think we loved each other even more.

More recently, however, we had to be apart again, as I moved in to Copenhagen after my master graduation. We spent already one year living between Jutland and Sjaelland, and we have four months left until his university graduation in Aarhus. This time at least we are both within the borders of the same country and it means so much to us. We have some more months to go, before we are able to move in together – again, and I am hardly counting the days.

What I learned was that Love lasts and grows, only if you both are willing to fight for it. I leant that Love is freedom – it takes courage to be separated from your loved one, but so it does to follow your dreams and be willing to pay that price.

I learned that you have to make every moment you spent together special, and never take any minute for granted. It does not have to be by going out in luxurious restaurants or to exotic places, but by appreciating that you could be in the same room, to fall asleep and wake up in the same bed, to have breakfast with each other, and cook dinner together, to talk – in person. To be grateful for every moment you are by each other’s side.

For the past seven years my boyfriend and I have been together, we have spent enough nights and days away from each other, so that every moment we are somewhere together in the world feels like a gift. But do we really need the distance, in order to get close? No, I believe you do not have to face any obstacles in the relationship, in order to value it. However, the existence of such can prove that you love each other madly and makes you realize even more that nothing can be taken for granted. Love is a privilege.

We do not need a “Valentine’s day” to remind us to show how much we mean for each other. My boyfriend and I have the time of our lives when we are together, because we are alive, healthy and together – crazy in love. That is more than enough.

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