PANDORA Story – My Expression of Unique Personal Style


There are few brands that have ever retained my attention (I get bored easily, especially when it comes to jewelry and accessories), but the Danish jewelry PANDORA has managed to win my admiration completely. The brand offers more than such beautiful rings and bracelets, it reaches to our emotions.

Even though I am not affiliated with PANDORA in any way, I am impressed with their fantastic work or art, and opportunity to express individualism. In honor of their fantastic new campaign “Unique as We Are”, which is launched globally, I have devoted this article to the sophisticated design and PANDORA style.20160306_092208

I admire the strong brand attributes PANDORA has created, such as quality, inspirational craftsmanship, unique style, evoking emotions & warm feelings, and reminding us of the precious moments with loved ones. The element that has appealed to me the most is exactly the possibility to express personal style – combined with a strong connection to special moments in life and the people that we love.

Pandora style - bracelet and charmsI also have a crush on the unique packaging and their beautiful boxes, but I should admit that it still cannot compare to my boyfriend’s “tried-hard” gift-wrapping (right-hand-side picture).Pandora present

Here are some of my favorite PANDORA items, a mirror of my personal style.


PANDORA charms

The PANDORA bracelet, designed by me (well, and my boyfriend, my family and friends) with it’s As-Is collection of charms. It is the most special jewelry I possess, as each charm is a gift from someone close to my heart. And it goes well with everything.

 THE RING of UNCONDITIONAL LOVEPandora RingCLASSIC EARRINGSPANDORA earrings The delicate earrings and the timeless, stylish heart-shaped ring.

I have managed to spread the PANDORA magic, and my mum has now joined the quest for unique style & PANDORA fan club 🙂 PANDORA

Thank you for stopping by my small and cozy blog-corner of the world. I hope you enjoyed this style-themed article, devoted to expression of the unique style! Make sure you check out PANDORA newest collection  and showcase your own personal style by #UniqueAsWeAre in Instagram. 


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