Top 5 Valuable Tips on How to Stay Dedicated to Your Goals and Make the Best Decisions

Decisions and GoalsI believe we should not make decisions on what feels safe and comfortable, but based on what makes us feel excited, thrilled and alive. Here are my top five straight-to-the-point tips on how to make the best decisions and stay dedicated towards your goals.


Trust your guts

My gut has proved to be an excellent filter for what is worth spending my time and energy on, and what I am better off without. Often my gut feeling pushes me to make decisions way out of my comfort zone – such that are extremely challenging and require a drastic shift of life. However, I do not regret them. I feel alive when I am brave and I have learned that it pays dividends to trust my intuition.

Have you had the situation where you are scared to embark on something – it makes you feel nervous, but also excited and curious! Then, it turns out to be a quite ridiculous experience, but also one to remember – and one that you will never regret.


Keep yourself accountable

Make a binding obligation to lead your dream to success. I usually tell the people closest to me about my newly set goals and dreams. This motivates me to work towards achieving them and the support and honest feedback of these people encourages me tremendously to stay behind my decision and see the idea through.

Another idea is to contact the person you admire (e.g. through email or LinkedIn) for advice, and learn from their greatness 😉


Always admit limitation, rather than admit defeat.

Write down all the aspects that make you feel nervous or uncomfortable about a decision. Address them openly with a friend, mentor or colleague. Collect ideas on how these risks can be mitigated. Which are the toxic things that keep your concentration out of your goal? Try to, if not fully avoid them, then to reduce your contact with such as much as possible.

Eventually, filter the one obstacle (if such remains), which cannot be avoided, and come up with alternative to accomplish your target, despite it. There is always a work-around.


Have a clear vision

Write down your desired results – and keep that list on a visible place. Openly referring to your desired outcome will keep your focus on the end-result. This will help you stay motivated and accountable.

Place them on the wall, on your desktop, or at your desk. Simple trick as it is, but as long as the results are displayed, your brain marks them as existent – and you are reminded to follow through on them.


Progress is achieved gradually

Sometimes, it feels like all it takes is time and effort, and no progress is visible at all. It is therefore extremely important to define small and measurable actions with realistic timeline. Focus on what is within your control, and do what you can to influence it.

I found out that patience is the best quality for moving forward, but having an action plan in place is what keeps me from getting discouraged.

Greetings from Copenhagen

Misha xx

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1 Comment

  1. Hi Misha,
    Greetings from Scotland !
    Great post on tips.

    I think these tips suit well for our hobbies and passion outside work. If one applies to these (gut feeling), He/she cannot do so in one Organization and place as goals may not be aligned well. Personal vision need not be an Organisation’s vision. At times, Managers do not appreciate the employees’s gut feeling (How may organisations are there , which gives employees time off to do higher studies or maternity absence etc? Very rare to find)

    Another perspective is that If one tries to align these, he/she would end up hopping jobs only to become an “integrating generalist” rather than stick to one organisation. And when job market is on downturn , that person would difficult to find a job as Organisations will feel the person is not stable.

    However, If one applies to these in personal life, he/she would end up achieving these for certainty! I applied these tips to my career, life and can relate to these very well. Thank you for sharing.

    Sanjay Maan

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