Makeup or No Makeup?

No MakeupEven though I am fond of using beauty products, I am often going by my bare skin, natural look, with no makeup (picture above). Feeling good without makeup depends on how well you take care of your skin complexion. I have given my brief regime on how to be confident in going with little or no make up at all. Let’s embrace natural beauty!

Makeup or No Makeup?

Often my daily style depends on my mood when I wake up – how do I feel today? No makeup? Perfect, then bare skin it is. Marilyn Monroe Hollywood looks? Red matte lipstick it is. The important thing is to always be confident the way you are! 

During my days off/ vacations, I love to go without any makeup at all during daylight. The only product I would always put on me during the day is the sun-protection cream. With busy schedule and in case of a lack of enough sleep, due to traveling, work, night out or attending events, I have found out that a swipe of mascara in the morning (sometimes with a bit of bronze application on the cheeks) is more than enough to get rid of the sleepy look on my very white, pale face;)photoimage

Take Care of Your Skin 

My daily skin care regime is a moisturizing face cream with UV protection (SPF 15), a bit of mascara,  good rest and 2 liters (at least) of water daily. Sun protection and moisturizing is not enough, as you should take care of your skin from inside out by hydrating. Nevertheless, if I wear any makeup during the day, I would always remove it before going to bed, so that the skin can restore itself and be fresh the next day. photoimage2 - Copy

Natural Beauty is Always Best

I have always believed that natural beauty is no doubt the best. We should feel comfortable in our bare skin! As much as the beauty products are great for night outs, cocktail parties, attending the Oscars Awards..;), these should serve only as tools for highlighting our features, not altering our true self.

Stay positive, laugh a lot, have good rest and have fun! You look best, when you feel best. Happiness is the best beauty care.



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