Dear London

London TripMy boyfriend and I spent a long weekend lately in London, where my boyfriend had photoshoot arrangements and was competing at the fitness model show Miami Pro.

“It is London – everything is upside down”

We traveled only 900 km west from the Danish capital, and even though the weather did not change much compared to Copenhagen (except the notable absence of the Nordic wind), we could not help noticing how we entered into another world. The first and most obvious difference was of course minding the cars on the left hand lane (and the drivers sitting on the right hand side). We could not get used to it, but thankfully most of the roads had signs “Look left” or “Look right” for confused tourists like us.

Of course we forgot about the different charger plugs in our hotel room –  we were not prepared for that. It was funny that this did not occur to me earlier, given that I spent one week in Mumbai, where UK chargers are used as well.

Copenhagen is a dynamic city full of life, but oh boy, doesn’t London have just everything! Diversity and variety at their best – stores, cafes, brands, people, cultures, accents. The accent in particular was so bloody infections, distinctive and exquisite!

Despite that both of us had been in London before for business or leisure, during the first one hour in the country we could not stop relating everything to the magical novels of J.K. Rowling. “This is just so Harry Potter!” was our constant remark, when looking down a cozy street with the neatly arranged cottages with their little gardens and gable roofs.

During the first hours, I could neither stop comparing everything to my home town Burgas or to my residential Copenhagen, as always when I travel, noting subconsciously all resemblances and differences. Palm trees in their English gardens? We saw a lot of homes with such tropical addition. From my trip to India recently, I brought home the impressions of British architecture, cricket and driving “the wrong way” (I am not judging), and it seemed like UK had kept a piece of India too.

When I was a kid, I had a huge obsession with Big Ben! I blame Disney’s Peter Pan “You can Fly” scene, where all kids land on the clock (here is why), which explains the photos of the magnificent clock every time I visit London.

London is no doubt a city of opportunities, tradition and culture, and I have selected some of the photos we took during our short 3 days trip to the British capital, ending with a photo of my champion rocking the stage:) 

London Red Bus Trip Ride 1


London20160415_211052Dirty Dancing London Garden HotelIMG_4228IMG_4406IMG_4365P1020408P1020373P1020412
P1020464P1020456London EyeP1020447LondonBig Ben PanoramaLondon Mihaela P1020568Spring in LondonSpring Garden LondonP1020514Untitled design (3)Untitled designTrafalgar squareLondon Cake Coffee Bakery

P1020622Hair Style LondonLondon Luton Airport Yasen Georgiev Miami Pro Stage Posing

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