Calla Lily Cookies Recipe of My Grandma Tony

Calla Cookies

Anyone who knows me, will be surprised to read about this blog post, as I am not particularly keen on cooking. My cute kitchen was not used for else, but making coffee, before my boyfriend, who is an athlete & nutritionist and cooks heavenly (I am so lucky, I know) moved in with me.

However, there is something particularly cozy about baking – especially when it comes to delicious cookies, cakes, and the Bulgarian cheese-cake banitsa (separate post about that). Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with my grandmas’ homemade biscuits.

Recently, I have decided (with my grandma’s guidance) to embrace the challenge of baking some of her most complicated cookies – the calla lily biscuits, as they resemble the beautiful flower.

These are the callas my grandma has made recently, when I was back home for a vacation.

calla lily cookies

Of course, the end result of mine look nothing like my grandma’s, but I like to think that mine resemble water lily instead, if anything at all.. Regardless, I am proud that I tried, and according to my colleagues, who are not biased at all;), the biscuits I made have tasted good.. 😉

calla lily cookies

20160525_210813These cookies require more work than just mixing ingredients, but if you have the patience and bakers skills that I am lacking – you can do it. Here is how (copyrights to grandma:))

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

What you need: four eggs, flour, powdered sugar, 200 g almonds.

Mix four eggs, three small sized cups filled with flour and mix by using a mixer.

When the mixture is composed, add to it three small sized cups of powdered sugar.

Last, add 10 gr. of vanilla.

Mix again with the mixer until the mixture is complete.

Then drop/arrange by using a spoon in a dry baking-tray (if you prefer, on a cookie sheet for baking) five to six round cookies and bake for 10-12 minutes. My grandma’s rule of thumb is that the edges of each cookie should turn brown.

Working quickly, roll each small circle cookie to a cone and arrange in the plate. (As you figured out from the above picture, I completely messed up that part. You have to do it right away, otherwise they break if they have cooled even slightly when you bent them).  Then arrange five new cookies in the tray, and repeat.

When the mixture is done, boil the almonds for couple of minutes (approx. 10 mins), until you are able to remove their peel. Then place an almond in each of the cookie funnels (in case you do not have funnels, but flat biscuits like I had, just place them around the cookie tray..:) Based on preference, you can also sprinkle some powdered sugar on the finished biscuits.

Even if the end result is same as mine, don’t be discouraged, just remember the cute birthday cake attempt that fairy Fauna did for the Sleeping Beauty ( )? screen-shot-2014-02-08-at-6-34-53-am1

Whenever I bake, I feel exactly like that, but it makes it all so much fun. You just follow the recipe, how hard can it be? And who wants a perfect cake or cookies, anyway? Boooring! Make them yours instead –  unique, different, unusual… and Enjoy! 🙂


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