Can We Change the World Together?

equalityThis post is about a topic that I care deeply about. It is devoted to promoting equal opportunities, regardless of country of origin. Currently, I am heading a group of young and bright people called United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) DK – Equality, which aims at promoting equal opportunities and stands against discrimination.

You do not need to have faced a discrimination, to know that it exists and it is a problem. Unfortunately, recent political situations have proven that we have a long way to go, in order to ensure people are granted equal opportunities, based on their character, skills, capabilities, and NOT on the basis of where they come from. It is a huge problem to fight against, are you onboard?

We should be open-minded and not judge others based on their nationality. Punctum. Engaging in stereotypes and prejudices, or in other words, judging people on pre-defined sets of beliefs, which often have nothing to do with the reality, is a biased and narrow-minded approach. Don´t fall for it. Instead, understand that even though there are cultural differences, this is not something that defines a person. It is his/her personality, unique character, traits, expertise, interests, talents. I read once that nationality-based stereotypes are a key factor of keeping  highly qualified and talented people out of positions of power and out of jobs. We should all have this in mind the next time we make a pre-mature judgement about someone.

So, can we change the world together?

My UNYA Equality team and I are currently working on a campaign that aims at promoting the good stories – the examples of what happens, when you are open-minded and do not resort to biased judgement. Why you believe being open-minded is important, and what would have been the consequences if people were not biased? Do you have a story you would like to share? If so, please contact me on facebook/messenger or by email at with a short text about your story and a picture of you. We will then follow up about when and how the updates will be shared.


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