Debut Author’s Confessions

I was asked to describe how a final stage of publishing a book for the first time looks like, how it feels.

These are the brief insights of a debut author, from the top of my head, unfiltered.

How does publishing a book look like?

It seems like the longest journey in the world, but you have to stay focused, and not allow yourself to get disconnected. This means that you have to work on the content constantly, read and re-read. It is exciting and frustrating, and testing my patience to its limits. It requires hundreds of decisions to be taken, with every last detailed being perfectly polished and sanity-checked – countless times.

How does publishing a book feel like?

It feels scary, to begin with – all the fears and “what ifs” kept deep down come alive: “What if no one reads it or what if the message does not come across as clear?
It also feels undone – there is always something I would like to change about it, re-write or delete (Even now after the professional edition has been done). I get how actors feel about watching their own movies, as I have the same sense of criticism when reading my book. I would like to close my eyes on some parts, and I shiver when reading other. It is hard to let go and say “this is good enough, move on”.

But, at the end, it gives a sense of contribution, purpose and fulfillment. If this book influences and helps at least one person out there in the world, I am more than happy!


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