The Things That Matter – What I Learned from 2016 & My Resolutions for 2017

img_7129I am not going to dwell on the world´s political and economic events of 2016, but the year has been difficult. Yet for each of us it brings a different meaning, hopefully with a focus on the positive – some of you maybe got married? Traveled the world? Started a new job? Met the love of your life?

There were so many positive things that happened in my life in 2016 that I am grateful for, among others traveling to 7 countries around the world, making new friends, finally finishing the book that I had started writing, career development, new apartment, and more. Yet, it was a year that I lost someone I loved. Then, nothing of all the fantastic things that happened seemed to be able to mark the year. Regardless of how much I tried or how many amazing things followed, adventures and opportunities, achievements, trips and taken chances, acts of courage and things I could not be prouder, all these paled in the shadow of losing someone dear.

Therefore, my main lesson from the past one year is that we should use our time and energy on what is within our control – making healthy relationships, investing in personal development and be the best version of ourselves. I read an e-mail earlier asking me to reflect on the three things that made me proudest during 2016 and the three that I would like to do more in 2017. Even though it is tricky to hand-pick only a few “most important” elements, I gave this a brief reflection. I though it is best to speak from the top of my head, and so here are my answers:

What are the three things I am proudest of during 2016?

  • Standing up for what is right, and speaking up honestly and openly when something is bothering me, as well as admitting when I have been wrong
  • Starting the United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) Equality group and forming this wonderful team of young, bright people, who strive for making a change
  • Finding ways to see my family more often, and keeping in touch with old friends, regardless of how busy and dynamic life is

What are the three things I would like to do more in 2017?

I sincerely hope all of the above, but also:

  • Leading or taking part in more projects that excite me and make a difference; being a goodwill ambassador and influencer
  • Writing and publishing books that inspire and help people
  • Taking even more risks when it comes to following my dreams and realizing my potential even more

I will cheat a bit and add also one thing I would like to do less. I wish I would not let small, stupid things to get into me, but instead become better in letting go and moving on.

What about yours?

Thank you, from the heart, for following my blog and page during 2016!

Have a fantastic, happy and successful New Year, I hope you get what you wish for.



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