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I am happy to announce that How to Thrive Abroad is now published and available on Amazon!

The book is about my perspective of how to thrive abroad, and get what you want out of your life, despite the obstacles. It is covering personal stories, career dilemmas, cultural anecdotes, difficult choices, and main lessons learned from living in Denmark for the past eight years.:)

How to Thrive Abroad

This project took 2 years to complete, aside of full-time job, so it is a huge milestone for me (and a dream come true) to be able to share these lessons and thoughts with people that need it. How to Thrive Abroad can now be ordered on Amazon as paperback, and will be very soon available as Kindle edition, as well as on SAXO book portal. Then in bookstores in the coming months. 🙂

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the fantastic team of editors from Cornerstones UK, and the most amazing boyfriend in the world Yasen Georgiev. Big THANK YOU also to Simona Ivanova (CMNKY art) for the beautiful illustrations – you are talented beyond words! Special gratitude also to one of my most favourite photographers in the world – Vili Pefticheva for capturing the book cover!

If this book helps even only one person out there in the world, I would be more than happy.

Link to the book on Amazon Europe: https://goo.gl/56S6C8

Book launch celebration is next:)

Thank you for your support and for following my blog and my author’s path!



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