Top Things to Do in Barcelona for a Weekend

IMG_0109Explore the city that has simply everything! This is what my fiancé and I did for four days in October, marking Barcelona as one of our top favorite destinations (and trips) so far. Partly because that was where my better half and the love of my life Jasen proposed to me in Park de Montjuic (❤), but also because of the exotic, addictive and rich with architecture city that Barcelona is. We are already planning our 2nd trip there, hopefully next year.

Here are my Top Things to Do in Barcelona, if you only have few days.

1.Explore the Gothic Quarter

The Quarter is located in the area between the city’s main shopping street La Rambla and Via Laietana, and the coast. Since our hotel was located in the city center, we just walked to there, but else the metro line 3 (Liceu st.) would lead you to the Quarter. Read here more about how to reach it by metro.

Narrow streets, beautiful architecture, churches, fantastic restaurants, cafes and pubs, street-food vendors, small cozy bakeries.. All of this cannot even summarize the enchanting medieval\cultural area, that we fell in love with. For me, the Gothic Quarter is the very heart of the city.

Go to Plaça Reial (Royal Square), it is one of the most charming, lively squares I have been to. There is a wonderful tapas restaurant there that we loved called Cerveceria Canarias.



IMG_90332.Take the Teleferic to Park de Montjuic

The views were breathtaking. Jasen had arranged for us to take the cable car up Montjuic which took us directly to the castle. I have always loved heights! Partly because of the adrenaline, but mostly due to the perspective of having an open horizon ahead, the feeling in my chest of being able to breathe easy, and, of course, the added benefit of the amazing landscapes. However, that was not even the most amazing part.

Only 15 min walking down the road, in the base of Montijuic mountain and not far from Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya were some of the most beautiful, romantic gardens in the whole world. We found out they are called the Greek Theater Gardens (Jardins del Teatre Grec).

The gardens formed beautiful paths, leading to a terrace giving away stunning views, followed by rose gardens with ancient-looking sculptures and walls. Further in, we found a fountain surrounded by facades. It was completely deserted, and we could not help but sit down and admire the running water and serenity. I felt like the place was taken out of a fairy-tale, and placed in the midst of the world that we know.

Right there at sunset, I said Yes.

As you can imagine, we were too distracted to actually see the museum. Let me know how it was when you go.;)

PS: The magic fountain of Montjuic is one of the most magnificent spectacles in the city!

IMG_9189 IMG_9347 IMG_9624 IMG_9714 IMG-0326

IMG_9518 copy3.Barceloneta and the coast

Walk along the coastline, spend the day on the beach, then enjoy a meal and a cocktail in one of the many gorgeous seafood restaurants. Then repeat. Next time we visit Barcelona, we may just plan to do that for five days..

Go for a run. Admire the sunset. Take pictures (I am such an Instagram junkie!). Enjoy life and how lucky you are to be in such a fantastic place.

IMG_0148 IMG_0175 IMG_9034 IMG-0461

4.La Boqueria

Sure it is a must-see food market, with wide variety of fresh food, pastries, beverages and locally produced chocolate, cheese and other products. But note that it is crowded like crazy.

5.Park Guell and Sagrada Familia

Cliche or not, these landmarks are probably the most amazing designs built by Gaudi. Park Guell has also been declared UNESCO Worldwide Heritage Site in 1984. You can buy tickets online here.

Sagrada Familia is like no other cathedral you have seen so far, both outside and interior-wise. Tickets for the basilica can be bought here. We strongly recommend you get them in advance.

La Pedrera is another work of art by Antoni Gaudi, which deserves admiration, if time allows.


Ironic as it is, just because there so many more great places to go to and things to do in Barcelona, I will stop this blog post right here. Otherwise, I would not be able to cut anything more out and it would be an extremely lengthy article. Have a wonderful stay – and greet Barcelona from me!

xx Misha

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