We are Getting Married!

Summer dress whiteMy fiancé and I have been together since we were 17 years old. We are high school sweethearts, who spent 2 years long distance at only 18 years of age, when I left Bulgaria after graduation to continue my university degree in Denmark. Despite what everyone believed (“we were too young to know what love was”, or that “long distance relationship never worked”), we were crazy about each other, and we were determined to change the story that everyone believed they knew the ending of. By miles away, but by heart closer than ever! The distance was just the start of something amazing, the foundation of what we feel is the love of our lives.

On 21 October 2017, we got engaged! It was the most beautiful, stunning and adventurous proposal I could have ever dreamed of. 

The views were breathtaking. It was our first day in sunny and beautiful Barcelona, and my boyfriend said he had a surprise for the late afternoon. “The day has already been perfect, there is nothing you could do to make it better” was what I replied.

Turned out I was wrong. He had arranged for us to take the cable car up Montjuic which took us directly to the castle in the gorgeous mountains. I have always loved heights! Partly because of the adrenaline, but mostly due to the perspective of having an open horizon ahead, the feeling of being able to breathe easy, and, the added benefit of the amazing landscapes. However, that was not even the most amazing part.

Walking down the road, in the base of Montijuic mountain and not far from Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya were some of the most beautiful, romantic gardens in the whole world. We found out they are called the Greek Theater Gardens (Jardins del Teatre Grec).

The gardens formed beautiful paths, leading to a terrace giving away stunning views, followed by rose gardens with ancient-looking sculptures and walls. Further in, in the heart of the gardens, we reached a fountain surrounded by facades. It was completely deserted, and we could not help but sit down and admire the running water and serenity. I felt like the place was taken out of a fairy-tale, and placed in the midst of the world that we know.

Right there at sunset, I said Yes.


I was unable to believe I was about to marry the love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate.

We are looking forward to saying “I do” September 2018, and to the next chapter of our amazing story.

More about Barcelona and our trip you can find in my blog post here. You can read more about our story in my book How to Thrive Abroad.



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