Wedding Preparations

Our friends reminded us today that our wedding is (only) 7 months away! 🙂 We have been asked a lot about the wedding planning lately, so here is a recap of what the love of my life and I have been up to since the engagement.

How far are we with the preparations for our big day?

Amid our busy every-day lives in Copenhagen, we have not had as much time as we wished to talk “wedding” since we entered 2018. Luckily, we were very proactive during December and have managed to book our favorite photographer for the date (we are extremely happy for that!!). Moreover, we were also very lucky to find and reserve a gorgeous venue and a hotel next to the sea for the ceremony and the reception. Jasen and I fell in love with it at first sight. Given that many of our friends will be arriving from abroad (they are spread around Europe and the world), having the rooms booked was our top consideration.

We have also hired a fantastic wedding planner locally where our ceremony will take place, and that alone takes a lot of stress off our shoulders. We can highly recommend you hire a local professional planner if you have a destination wedding, like us.

All in all, given we have these important pieces in place, we had the luxury to focus on work and all other appointments since we got back home to Denmark after the Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile, we created this beautiful shelf corner (picture above), covered in seaside’s shells and stones from our world trips, and a postcard from the stunning place where we got engaged. Just looking at this mix of emotions and experiences makes my heart jump of happiness and anticipation.

This Sunday, after our brunch meeting with friends and the must-have workout together, we had one hour to ourselves, when we started designing the wedding invitations. We want those to reflect us, to be special and unique, so we need some more time to gather ideas and inspiration. In the meantime, we began planning the honeymoon.:)

Exciting times ahead! Thank you for following our journey. 🙂


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