The Paris Secret by Karen Swan – Book Review


Book: The Paris Secret

Author: Karen Swan

Publisher: Pan Macmillan (Published 14 July 2016)

Book synopsis can be found here.

The Paris Secret is one of my most favourite books by Karen Swan (only second to her ”Christmas Under the Stars”).

Keywords: Mystery, past, secrets, art, love, dreams…in the heart of gorgeous Paris.

As in all of Karen Swan novels, the story makes you long for traveling, for experiencing a new place, and going beyond your zone of comfort. The main message shines-through: in life and love, always keep an open mind! The lesson the author teaches us is that things are often not as they seem, and we should not jump to conclusions too fast, nor allow ourselves to take decisions based on our prejudices.

The book made me miss Paris even more, and ignited my passion for art.

Grab a hot cup of coffee and deep-dive into this enchanting story.

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