Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Estes – Book Review


Book: Women Who Run With the Wolves 

Author: Dr. Clarissa Estes 

Publisher: Ballantine Books (27 November 1996)

I am very much aware that whatever I write about the book, will not give it justice, but it is worth the try!

Women who Run with the Wolves took me by surprise. I received the book as a present by a dear friend of mine, a book lover like me. At first, I was rather skeptical, because the genre is very different from everything else I love reading, and it sounded a bit too academic. However, the book grabbed me already at the prologue. 

Without spoiling anything, the book consists of short stories, each bringing a valuable life lesson and food for thought. The stories aim at awakening our potential, desires, dreams, and helping us set a direction, in our career, in love, in life. Or that’s how I interpret it:) I believe everyone would find a different meaning to it, depending on what answers you are looking for.

Passion and raising voice to what you most want – and going after it, are also center elements in the stories.

It is an empowering read, which every woman should have. You don’t need to read all of it at once, neither you need to start from the beginning. I read the book in no order, but based on what I found most interesting. You don’t have to agree with everything written necessarily, but instead take what you find useful and valuable.

Favorite quote:

“It will never hurt you to go after something you want or something that is calling to you”.

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