Happy Sunday! Our Favorite Sunday Morning Routine

Sunday morning’s aroma at our place is of coffee and baked Danish cinnamon roll pastries (Gifflars). I love those relaxing Sunday mornings, when my fiance and I wake up late (or try to) and spend the hours before noon drinking coffee, eating cinnamon rolls, accompanied by yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, reading a book or a magazine, and talking about everything. It is our favorite morning routine, if we are both home in Copenhagen. Then, we usually go to the gym together and, if the weather allows, spend the whole afternoon outside (go for a long walk, have a drink by the water, sit in the sun for hours, read a book, etc), often just the two of us.

As Saturday is usually filled with social events, outings and arrangements, for us it is extremely important to recharge on Sunday, as well as to spend quality time together, before the new week starts. Having a peaceful and hyggeligt (cozy) Sunday is our must-have therapy.

How do you like spending Sunday morning?

Happy and lovely Sunday from our home in Frederiksberg!

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