Five Cozy Christmas Books to Read During the Holidays

The best time for cozing up with a glass of wine/hot chocolate/tea/coffee and a great book is here. Regardless if it is in front of the fireplace, or the Netflix version of such:), or while waiting to board the plane or train home, Christmas books are such an irresistible treat. Every year, I try to discover new, magical reads, which amongst the festive celebrations, are a wonderful way to have a ‘me time’ and fully recharge.

These are my top favorite books for Christmas-cozy winter nights, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


By Karen Swan

All Karen Swan’s winter novels are breath-taking, but Christmas Under the Stars stole my heart. Friendship, love, betrayal, new start, Northern Lights, adventures, choices.. and a lot of snow, form an enchanting story taking place between Canada and Norway. Christmas is about miracles, hope and family, but also about letting go, and giving life a chance.. to introduce you to the people you have been waiting to meet your whole life, without even knowing.


By Belinda Jones

Anther novel I could not put down! The story follows a travel journalist’s magical adventures in Quebec and Montreal. I love how the tale unfolds to so much more than just a glittering Christmas carnivals and Canadian sight-seeing, but to heart-warming story of true friendship and love. Perfect for readers longing for adventurous, magical, Christmas novel, covered in snow. And I am longing to visit Canada even more after this wonderland.


By Karen Swan

As I already mentioned, I can’t imagine Christmas without a Karen Swan’s novel! The Christmas Secret might not be the typical holiday romance novel, but instead it is a compelling story filled with twist and turns, thrill, secrets, mystery, life choices and much more surprises, wrapped in coziness. Characters are intriguing, revaluations unpredictable, and I will let you discover the rest yourself 🙂


By Sheila O’Flanagan

A somehow nontraditional Christmas read, taking place in a beautiful lodge in Ireland. It is a story with many characters, but the author manages to beautifully make each tale coming to life, leaving you with a feeling that you want to get to know them even more.

If you enjoy reads where fates and stories crosses, and the idea of spending the holidays far away in a cozy hotel/cottage with snowy surroundings, this book might be the perfect one for you.


By Miranda Dickinson

The novel appealed to me from the very start. The main character Anna receives mysterious, beautiful gifts by a secret sender, and each of them help her get out of the shadow and live life and take chances. I love surprises and the idea of someone out there protecting you, guiding you and caring about you, even without you knowing, hence why I adored reading this enchanting novel tremendously. Strongly recommend it to everyone – and not just during Christmas.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope this post have inspired your to-read list.

Happy Holidays! Take care for each other, and stay happy and safe. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead.



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