Maldives (Our Honeymoon Adventure Part 2)

The view from the plane over the hundreds of scattered islands was like nothing I had seen before! This beautiful bird’s eye scenery was only a warm-up of the paradise that is Maldives. After we arrived in Male Airport, our resort – located at Meeru Island, had arranged for a boat transfer, which took about one hour, and opened up another breath-taking view of the turquoise ocean and neighbor tropical islands. Coconut palm trees clung to the coastlines, the air was warm and salty, filled with tropical fragrances, and the ocean! Wonderful, unspoiled blue that captured my heart forever.

Reaching ‘our’ island felt like a movie scene! Once we stepped on the sugar-white sand, we received a very warm welcome with local music, refreshments, and introduction to the resort and the facilities. We were then led to our honeymoon villa at the North side of the island. Our suit was a spacious room with cozy wooden decor, and a large bed, decorated wonderfully with flowers, champagne and honeymoon gift basket from the resort, which was extremely thoughtful and a great surprise after a long trip. The bathroom and jacuzzi were located outside, and while it was luxurious, it took me a while to get used to taking a shower under the open sky.

Stepping outside of the villa opened a picture perfect coastline with palm trees and aqua-blue ocean ahead. We couldn’t get enough of it! Each day, our morning routine included having an espresso on the wooden veranda,  greeting the little crabs racing the beach and the sunrise over the ocean. We wanted to hold on to those moments and somehow encapsulate them forever.

I will never forget our first night at the island, the never stopping song of the ocean, the sky gazing (we had never seen the stars so vividly!) and that sound.. of the wind through the palm trees’ leaves. The closest I can compare that to is summer rain fall. It took us sometime to get convinced that it was not a pouring rain. Having just arrived, we were alert to everything, taking in that new, unfamiliar surrounding and ocean-locked experience.

The following days were a roller coaster of adventures, yet also a peaceful bliss. We swam, read, ate fresh fruit (I discovered my love to papaya!), had long walks, did spa and snorkeling, and enjoyed the paradise-like landscapes. We tried many tropical fruits (we found out most were actually also grown on the island), like dragon fruit, guava, yellow watermelon, and that amazing papaya. The biodiversity and marine life was fascinating! It did not get long for us to get used to the chameleons, lizards, birds and crabs, and we were very grateful to have the chance to be guests in their amazing home.

We did reef snorkeling on our own for the first time (there was a reef few meters deep in the water just across our villa), and we also signed up for the deep ocean snorkeling excursion. This was one of the most amazing experiences in my life so far. After overcoming the initial shock of breathing through a ‘pipe’, I got completely overwhelmed with the ocean underwater view of squids, corals, shells and all types of colorful fish I had only seen on pictures before. We also saw three stingrays swimming in unison, also a mantra ray and a huge trigger fish.

The late afternoon sun’s decent with the golden path over the ocean was a once in a lifetime view I will also never forget.

The resort had organized several beach parties during our stay – we danced until sunrise and truly had the time of our lives.

Thank you Meeru Island for making our honeymoon a dream come true, and we are definitely coming back some day. ❤

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