From the start, I wanted this corner of the online world to make people happy and inspired. That for me means, writing articles, sharing thoughts, and displaying photography of everything that makes me extremely grateful, inspired, aspiring for adventures, driven and happy, with the assumption and hope that these same things, places and activities would help and inspire millions of other dreamers. I would like to inspire people to chase their dreams, and to believe that they can be everything they want to be, if they put their everything into it.

This page is devoted to my love of books.

Even as a little girl, I had started to develop huge passion for dancing and for books, and I dreamed about having the spacious, bright library featured in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast castle (well, apart from desperately dreaming to also have their amazing ballroom with floor-to-ceiling windows!). During the years, these had turned into professional occupations: I was a competitor in ballroom dancing for 10+ years, while now, I am lucky to be a published author.

I will share and recommend in this page both fiction and non-fiction novels that have touched me deeply and have left a mark. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.