My Everyday Make-up Selection

I have been asked by my blog readers and friends to share the everyday make-up products I am using at the moment. It is officially my first beauty post about products, and I am excited to share my favorite with you. Remember that the most important is to feel good, happy and confident in your own skin and that products are a way to highlight your beautiful traits. Less is more 🙂

I would like to mention that this is not an ad, and I am not affiliated with any of the brands below, instead I am presenting what I love using daily.

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Makeup or No Makeup?

No MakeupEven though I am fond of using beauty products, I am often going by my bare skin, natural look, with no makeup (picture above). Feeling good without makeup depends on how well you take care of your skin complexion. I have given my brief regime on how to be confident in going with little or no make up at all. Let’s embrace natural beauty!

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