Wedding Preparations

Our friends reminded us today that our wedding is (only) 7 months away! 🙂 We have been asked a lot about the wedding planning lately, so here is a recap of what the love of my life and I have been up to since the engagement.

How far are we with the preparations for our big day?

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We are Getting Married!

Summer dress whiteMy fiancé and I have been together since we were 17 years old. We are high school sweethearts, who spent 2 years long distance at only 18 years of age, when I left Bulgaria after graduation to continue my university degree in Denmark. Despite what everyone believed (“we were too young to know what love was”, or that “long distance relationship never worked”), we were crazy about each other, and we were determined to change the story that everyone believed they knew the ending of. By miles away, but by heart closer than ever! The distance was just the start of something amazing, the foundation of what we feel is the love of our lives.

On 21 October 2017, we got engaged! It was the most beautiful, stunning and adventurous proposal I could have ever dreamed of. 

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In The Loving Memory of My Grandma

20140809_114934Ten days ago, my family went through a tragedy as my grandma and one of the best people in this world, died of cancer at 65 years old, only one month after the diagnosis. I arrived in Burgas on Saturday late night; on Monday morning she passed away.

“Why do I feel so sick?” was my first thought every morning since I found out that she had cancer. Every day since she was diagnosed, I woke up with a sickness in my stomach that my mind could not place, until I remembered. I could not believe it – Goddesses could not have cancer..How I longed that this was not being real, how I wished she could get better! For her, for my granddad, for my mum and my aunt, for me.. please let it be a nightmare that I am going to wake up any moment now from and forget.

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