Combining a Side Business, Volunteer Work and a Full-time Career?

How to find time to do all the things you are passionate about, the best you can? A question I have been learning the answer to ever since I was 6 years old.

I have always had to keep several balls in the air, and being devoted to more than one project at the same time. The story of my life. But I must elaborate, it is a life that I chose myself. Do you also have a passion for doing different things and do you gain energy from being involved in and/or leading multiple ventures, including a full-time job? If yes, then keep reading:)

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UNYA Equality talk – “Gender Equality: Why does it matter?” with UN Women and NOVA

photoAre you passionate about making a change when it comes to fighting gender inequality and challenging bias judgement? Do you want to hear the experts’ opinion about these important issues? And would you like to know what you can do to support gender equality and empowerment worldwide?
Come to learn and discuss with us!

My team – United Nations Youth Associations of Denmark (UNYA) Equality is happy to invite you to the “Gender Equality: Why does it matter?” event with the cooperation of UN Women, NOVA and UNYA Denmark.

Our guest speakers are the Director of UN Women Nordic Office Asger Ryhl, and Managing Director of NOVA 100 Denmark Christian B. Korshøj tackling the gender bias challenges on a global scale.

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The Things That Matter – What I Learned from 2016 & My Resolutions for 2017

img_7129I am not going to dwell on the world´s political and economic events of 2016, but the year has been difficult. Yet for each of us it brings a different meaning, hopefully with a focus on the positive – some of you maybe got married? Traveled the world? Started a new job? Met the love of your life?

There were so many positive things that happened in my life in 2016 that I am grateful for, among others traveling to 7 countries around the world, making new friends, finally finishing the book that I had started writing, career development, new apartment, and more. Yet, it was a year that I lost someone I loved. Then, nothing of all the fantastic things that happened seemed to be able to mark the year. Regardless of how much I tried or how many amazing things followed, adventures and opportunities, achievements, trips and taken chances, acts of courage and things I could not be prouder, all these paled in the shadow of losing someone dear.

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Can We Change the World Together?

equalityThis post is about a topic that I care deeply about. It is devoted to promoting equal opportunities, regardless of country of origin. Currently, I am heading a group of young and bright people called United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) DK – Equality, which aims at promoting equal opportunities and stands against discrimination.

You do not need to have faced a discrimination, to know that it exists and it is a problem. Unfortunately, recent political situations have proven that we have a long way to go, in order to ensure people are granted equal opportunities, based on their character, skills, capabilities, and NOT on the basis of where they come from. It is a huge problem to fight against, are you onboard?

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