Autumn Has Painted Copenhagen in All the Beautiful Colors

Fall has been my favorite season ever since I can remember. It has always seemed to me that the misty mornings, crisp air, and the warm, golden sun-rays bring an enchanting feeling. A sense of peace, mystery, magic and wonder, a promise that something wonderful is going to happen. And finally having pumpkin soup again! This year is no exception, and I couldn’t help but capture all the colors that autumn has painted over my beloved city Copenhagen. Here are some of the precious memories I gathered this season so far. Happy Autumn! 🙂

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Top Things to Do in Barcelona for a Weekend

IMG_0109Explore the city that has simply everything! This is what my fiancé and I did for four days in October, marking Barcelona as one of our top favorite destinations (and trips) so far. Partly because that was where my better half and the love of my life Jasen proposed to me in Park de Montjuic (❤), but also because of the exotic, addictive and rich with architecture city that Barcelona is. We are already planning our 2nd trip there, hopefully next year.

Here are my Top Things to Do in Barcelona, if you only have few days.

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In Chase of the Northern Lights – Adventure In Arctic Norway

Aurora BorealisI don’t remember a time in my 26 years of life on Earth, that I have not been captivated by the North. Which may not come as a surprise to people that know me, given that I chose to study and now work in the small Nordic fairy-tale country of Denmark. Seeing the Northern lights, however, have been on my bucket list for-ever. So, when my colleague and friend Bambi suggested we take some days off work for a trip (or expedition as we like to call it) to the North Pole in Arctic Norway beginning of February, I didn’t hesitate. Hell, yeah we do a vacation in the heart of the Northern Hemisphere, while everybody else we knew in Copenhagen was heading south to hot sandy beaches.

Meanwhile, dressed with four layers of thermal clothing, we boarded SAS to Tromsø (with a change in Oslo) in February, for an adventurous trip to remember.

One of the many things that I was extremely happy about the trip was that I plucked up the courage to speak “Nordic” to people – and I not only understood everything in Norwegian, but most important – everyone understood my strange Danish!:)

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Top 10 Things To Do In Copenhagen During the Summer – My Ultimate Guide

CopenhagenCopenhagen is such an astonishing city, and during the summer, it is irreplaceable. I got inspired to write this blog post as a result of having my parents visiting me in Copenhagen recently, a friend from the USA coming over soon, and with many people asking me about what they can do in the city for a short trip. After all, we talk about one of my most favorite cities in the whole world.

So here they are – the top 10 things to do in Copenhagen during the summer – especially suitable for spending quality time with friends, family (or by yourself) in the beautiful capital of Vikingsland. ! 🙂

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Girls On The Road – Munich and the fairy-tale Neuschwanstein castle

castle neuschwanstein

Three best friends from university, living in three different countries – England, Denmark and Germany, decided to have a girls reunion at fairy-tale Neuschwanstein castle in south-west Germany!

Nearly two years had passed since we had last seen each other! All of us being head over heels in our own life, work, travel, surroundings, we had not even realized how fast two years had gone! We have finally made our long-waited reunion, by doing a girls trip to Bavaria. We stayed in Munich and traveled to the astonishing country-side and Fussen. That was only my second trip to Germany, following my vacation in Berlin an year ago, so apart from the main purpose of the trip (being with the girls), I was quite excited to visit the southern part of Germany.

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