Let’s Rock Those Summer Outfits – My Favorite Dresses for a Hot and Active Summer 2016

Collage Summer Dresses

Summer is (supposed to be) here, and even though we in Copenhagen may have to wait a bit longer than most of the Europe for a warm weather, I know that many are going somewhere exotic soon, and so I got inspired to write about.. DRESSES!

Even though I stubbornly wear dresses all-year-round, thanks to my ballet and dancesport gaiters keeping my legs warm in the chilly Danish winter, summer is THE time for rocking the sundresses. I have outlined here my most favorite dresses “types” for fantastic weather activities we all have longed for a long time – barbecues, picnics, garden fests, open-air concerts, festivals, long walks on the beach with friends, cocktail parties.. and for the office too.

What are your favorite dress-styles for this summer?

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PANDORA Story – My Expression of Unique Personal Style


There are few brands that have ever retained my attention (I get bored easily, especially when it comes to jewelry and accessories), but the Danish jewelry PANDORA has managed to win my admiration completely. The brand offers more than such beautiful rings and bracelets, it reaches to our emotions.

Even though I am not affiliated with PANDORA in any way, I am impressed with their fantastic work or art, and opportunity to express individualism. In honor of their fantastic new campaign “Unique as We Are”, which is launched globally, I have devoted this article to the sophisticated design and PANDORA style.20160306_092208

I admire the strong brand attributes PANDORA has created, such as quality, inspirational craftsmanship, unique style, evoking emotions & warm feelings, and reminding us of the precious moments with loved ones. The element that has appealed to me the most is exactly the possibility to express personal style – combined with a strong connection to special moments in life and the people that we love.

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Top Five Hairstyles for Any Season (That Do Not Require Much Effort)

Natural curlsI had several requests to write an article about hairstyle, which is why I made this post with the intention of giving some tips on how to, with minimal effort, experiment with the trends. I also took quite a lot of pictures (and selfies) to exemplify the styles, so prepare for a lot of photos 🙂 

My hair currently is in its longest form, since probably my high school prom. After graduation and during my university years, I kept it between short to shoulders length (or a just below shoulders), and it varied like that for almost six years. Until I decided to give my blonde hair what it deserved – to be long and free to grow, as it likes!:) I had forgotten how much I liked it THAT long! As well as how much more fun it is to experiment with the different styles and forms it can take.

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