Maldives (Our Honeymoon Adventure Part 2)

The view from the plane over the hundreds of scattered islands was like nothing I had seen before! This beautiful bird’s eye scenery was only a warm-up of the paradise that is Maldives. After we arrived in Male Airport, our resort – located at Meeru Island, had arranged for a boat transfer, which took about one hour, and opened up another breath-taking view of the turquoise ocean and neighbor tropical islands. Coconut palm trees clung to the coastlines, the air was warm and salty, filled with tropical fragrances, and the ocean! Wonderful, unspoiled blue that captured my heart forever.

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Arabian Nights – Dubai and Abu Dhabi for Three Days (Honeymoon Adventure Part 1)

Our honeymoon journey began in United Arab Emirates in January, where my hubby and I spent three (yes, too short! but amazing) full days exploring the magic, beauty, culture, landscapes and cosmopolitan masterpieces of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We wanted to do and experience as much as possible for our short stay, so our program was dynamic, but nevertheless we felt like we still had such a relaxing stay. Keep reading and get inspired of how you can also get the most of your trip, even if you only have few days.

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Autumn Has Painted Copenhagen in All the Beautiful Colors

Fall has been my favorite season ever since I can remember. It has always seemed to me that the misty mornings, crisp air, and the warm, golden sun-rays bring an enchanting feeling. A sense of peace, mystery, magic and wonder, a promise that something wonderful is going to happen. And finally having pumpkin soup again! This year is no exception, and I couldn’t help but capture all the colors that autumn has painted over my beloved city Copenhagen. Here are some of the precious memories I gathered this season so far. Happy Autumn! 🙂

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Long Weekend in Vienna

It did not take a lot for us to fall in love with Vienna. How could we not to, with its imperial castles, artistic atmosphere and baroque streets! As usual for first-timers, we visited the breathtaking palaces, including Belvedere Palace, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Hofburg (Imperial Palace) and Schonbrunn Palace & Gardens. The rest of our stay was simply wandering the stunning streets, trying the local food, having too much coffee, attending a concert, and (of course) having a ride on the Ferris wheel. 

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Top Things to Do in Barcelona for a Weekend

IMG_0109Explore the city that has simply everything! This is what my fiancé and I did for four days in October, marking Barcelona as one of our top favorite destinations (and trips) so far. Partly because that was where my better half and the love of my life Jasen proposed to me in Park de Montjuic (❤), but also because of the exotic, addictive and rich with architecture city that Barcelona is. We are already planning our 2nd trip there, hopefully next year.

Here are my Top Things to Do in Barcelona, if you only have few days.

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