How to Thrive Abroad

As part of my commitment to help international students and graduates, I have written a book about what it takes to thrive abroad. I wrote the book that I dreamed about reading before I moved abroad to pursue my university education, but could never find. The story and lessons learned are based on my experience of being a international student and foreign business professional in Denmark, and cover wide range of topics – impressions, challenges, career, eduation, goal-setting, long-distance relationship, and more. The purpose of the book is to help young people be proactive and go after what they want in life, despite the obstacles.

Each chapter concludes with an epilogue, where I reflect on the presented story and give a brief, but concrete summary of the shared experience as a key take-away.

During my work as a goodwill ambassador with UN Youth in Denmark, and thanks to my time as a mentor for international students at Aarhus University, I found out that I was not alone. I figured that if I wanted to read someone else story, reflections ad lessons about pursuing an education and career abroad so badly, and if so many other people seemed to have these questions and concerns, then there must be thousands of people, who would like to know the same.

On 17 September 2017, the book was released and I am extremely happy and grateful to see that there was a great interest in the book and that a lot of people got a copy already during the first weeks. The received feedback has been truly fantastic so far! If you would like to support this project, please order a copy for yourself or for someone who needs it by following the link below.

Link to the book on Amazon.

Book Writing Mihaela