Top Five Hairstyles for Any Season (That Do Not Require Much Effort)

Natural curlsI had several requests to write an article about hairstyle, which is why I made this post with the intention of giving some tips on how to, with minimal effort, experiment with the trends. I also took quite a lot of pictures (and selfies) to exemplify the styles, so prepare for a lot of photos 🙂 

My hair currently is in its longest form, since probably my high school prom. After graduation and during my university years, I kept it between short to shoulders length (or a just below shoulders), and it varied like that for almost six years. Until I decided to give my blonde hair what it deserved – to be long and free to grow, as it likes!:) I had forgotten how much I liked it THAT long! As well as how much more fun it is to experiment with the different styles and forms it can take.

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My Week in Mumbai, India


In the midst of the grey Danish winter in February, a business trip led me to a sunny, 30+ degrees tropical Mumbai for a week! It was my first time in India and in Asia in general, and even though the majority of the time we were at the office, thanks to my wonderful colleagues, I had a chance to see and experience a lot from the city too. It was a busy and overwhelming week, filled with (work aside) meeting great people, palm trees, some traffic, some serious jet lag and a lot of colorful experiences.

Here are brief highlights from the trip in pictures.

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My Top 10 Cafés in Copenhagen for a Cozy Afternoon

There are amazing coffee places in Copenhagen (at almost every corner). As a coffee and pastries enthusiast, I have of course made sure I researched a great deal of them during the past one year I have lived here in Copenhagen. Therefore, I decided to share some of my most favorite cafes in the city (definitely some of the best too) for a coffee & dessert inspiration. 

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Embracing changes – Welcome 2016!

11050165__oThe past year (2015) was amazing and I am extremely grateful that I had so many things to be thankful for. One of them was that I got to live in my dream city – Copenhagen, soon after graduating my masters from Aarhus University in Aarhus. I moved to Copenhagen in January 2015, exactly one year ago. Reason being that I received a job offer at a global shipping company with Danish origins – TORM A/S, at the HQ in Copenhagen. Aside from the steep learning curve (which is never ending), I got to know some truly fantastic people at TORM. For a first time in my life, I was onboard a tanker vessel. I also enrolled in the TORM cross-fit trainings, which leave me sore most of the time, and at edge of tears some of the time, despite all the working out I do on my own, and for the shame of me, being a former athlete myself and having a dad and a boyfriend, who are professional athletes..

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