Trip Diary: Paris – Top Sights to Visit in 5 Days or Less – Part 1

Paris Trip CollageWelcome to my second post from the Trip Diary series! This time I will give you a tour to Paris – through my eyes, of what is best to visit if you have only four/five days in the city. My boyfriend and I spent full four days and a half in the “city of love”, and given that we entered every single monument (thus consider the queue waiting time), we managed to visit everything that we wanted. Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures of gardens, palaces, museums, us two hugged in front of every monument we saw, postcards of coffee, cakes, and many of the Eiffel Tower. 

Hope you enjoy this colorful post, even if you have already visited the stunning French capital. 

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Makeup or No Makeup?

No MakeupEven though I am fond of using beauty products, I am often going by my bare skin, natural look, with no makeup (picture above). Feeling good without makeup depends on how well you take care of your skin complexion. I have given my brief regime on how to be confident in going with little or no make up at all. Let’s embrace natural beauty!

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PANDORA Story – My Expression of Unique Personal Style


There are few brands that have ever retained my attention (I get bored easily, especially when it comes to jewelry and accessories), but the Danish jewelry PANDORA has managed to win my admiration completely. The brand offers more than such beautiful rings and bracelets, it reaches to our emotions.

Even though I am not affiliated with PANDORA in any way, I am impressed with their fantastic work or art, and opportunity to express individualism. In honor of their fantastic new campaign “Unique as We Are”, which is launched globally, I have devoted this article to the sophisticated design and PANDORA style.20160306_092208

I admire the strong brand attributes PANDORA has created, such as quality, inspirational craftsmanship, unique style, evoking emotions & warm feelings, and reminding us of the precious moments with loved ones. The element that has appealed to me the most is exactly the possibility to express personal style – combined with a strong connection to special moments in life and the people that we love.

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Going Beyond Core Competences – Why We Should Follow Our Passion

Follow your passionWe all have unique traits, hidden talents and passion for diverse aspects of life , but we often do not have the guts to exploit them – out of fear of failure.

Couple of days ago, I finalized the editing of the final chapter of the book that I wrote about personal and professional development while living abroad. I was sitting in the train taking me from Copenhagen to Aarhus for the weekend, and I was relieved that I had used the traveling time wisely. The adrenaline in my blood from all the cups of coffee I had at work would not have left me at peace anyway. Apart from that, however, my chest and stomach ached when I eventually closed the final chapter. Why?

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